3 Days Uganda Chimpanzee tour


The 3 Days Uganda Chimpanzee Tour is an exhilarating adventure that takes you into the heart of Uganda’s pristine forests to encounter its fascinating chimpanzee population. Over the course of three days, you will have the opportunity to explore the lush landscapes, witness captivating wildlife, and observe the playful antics of our closest living relatives. This tour provides an immersive experience in Uganda’s natural wonders and offers a range of accommodation options to suit different preferences and budgets.

Tour Description:

Day 1: Arrival in Entebbe – Transfer to Kibale National Park

Your adventure begins with your arrival at Entebbe International Airport, where you will be warmly greeted by your guide. After a brief orientation, you will embark on a scenic drive towards Kibale National Park, renowned for its diverse primate population. Along the way, you will enjoy picturesque views of Uganda’s countryside, characterized by rolling hills and lush tea plantations. Upon reaching Kibale, you will settle into your chosen accommodation and have the evening at leisure.

Day 2: Chimpanzee Tracking in Kibale National Park

Awake to the symphony of birdsong as you prepare for an exciting day of chimpanzee tracking. After an early breakfast, you will set off into the forest with experienced guides who will lead you to the habitats of these incredible primates. As you trek through the dense vegetation, keep an eye out for other primates like colobus monkeys, red-tailed monkeys, and grey-cheeked mangabeys. The highlight of the day will be the moment you encounter a chimpanzee family, observing their behavior and interactions from a respectful distance. You will spend a designated amount of time with the chimpanzees, taking in their captivating presence. Afterward, return to your accommodation for a relaxing evening.

Day 3: Nature Walk and Departure

On your final day, embark on a nature walk through the Bigodi Wetland Sanctuary, a haven for birdlife and other wildlife. The guided walk will introduce you to the incredible biodiversity of the area, allowing you to spot various bird species, butterflies, and perhaps even a glimpse of elusive mammals. After the nature walk, you will have a delicious lunch before bidding farewell to Kibale National Park. Your guide will transfer you back to Entebbe International Airport, where you can catch your onward flight or extend your stay to explore more of Uganda’s wonders.

Accommodation Options:


  1. Ndali Lodge: Nestled within a breathtaking crater lake landscape, Ndali Lodge offers luxurious accommodations with stunning views. Each cottage is beautifully appointed, providing a blend of comfort and elegance. The lodge features a swimming pool, a restaurant serving delectable cuisine, and attentive staff to cater to your every need.

  2. Primate Lodge: Located in the heart of Kibale National Park, Primate Lodge is an eco-lodge that combines luxury with sustainability. The spacious cottages are tastefully designed, featuring modern amenities and private verandas overlooking the forest. The lodge also offers a cozy lounge area, a bar, and a restaurant serving mouthwatering meals.


  1. Kibale Forest Camp: Situated just outside the park boundaries, Kibale Forest Camp offers comfortable and affordable accommodation options. The spacious tents are equipped with comfortable beds and en-suite facilities. The camp has a restaurant serving delicious meals, a bar, and a campfire area where you can unwind and share stories of your wildlife encounters.

  2. Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse: Located in a peaceful setting near Kibale National Park, Chimpanzee Forest Guesthouse offers cozy rooms with en-suite bathrooms. The guesthouse has a restaurant serving a variety of local and international dishes, and the friendly staff will ensure you have a pleasant stay.


  1. Rweteera Safari Park: Situated close to Kibale National Park, Rweteera Safari Park offers budget-friendly accommodation in comfortable cottages and tents. The accommodations are equipped with basic amenities and provide a peaceful environment. The park has a restaurant serving simple yet tasty meals, and you can relax in the campfire area while enjoying the sounds of the wilderness.

  2. Kibale Forest Campsite: For those seeking a more immersive camping experience, Kibale Forest Campsite provides spacious campsites surrounded by nature. Bring your own camping gear or rent it from the campsite, and enjoy the simplicity of sleeping under the stars. The campsite has shared bathroom facilities, and you can prepare your meals at the communal kitchen area.

Regardless of the chosen accommodation option, each provides a unique experience within the beautiful surroundings of Kibale National Park, ensuring a comfortable stay during your 3 Days Uganda Chimpanzee Tour.